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Library Chair Reupholstery

At Brockway High School

As part of the 2023 project, BCAT artists reupholstered the chairs in the library of Brockway High School. The fabric on the chairs was falling apart after years of wear and tear, and needed to be replaced in order for the chairs to last into the future. The reupholstery project included replacing the fabric with a more durable fabric that could withstand consistent use by students, and adding cushions with removable covers that can be washed periodically to keep them clean. Having furniture that looks comfortable and clean is especially important in a space like the library because it is used by just about every student. This project was aimed at improving students’ experience reading, working, or studying in the library through upgrading the quality of their seating area. Contributing artists include Mary Kay Palazzo, Caleb Sykora-Bodie, Sandra Buzard, and Melissa Lovingood.

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