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Music and Theater Mural

At Brockway High School

In 2023, BCAT artists created a mural in the music and theater hallway at Brockway High School. Designed by Mary Kay Palazzo, the mural includes whimsical imagery that relates to the schools music and theater programs, including curtains above the theater entrance, a piano swirling past the music room doors, and a functional marquee at the center of the mural. The marquee includes slots to hold letters that can display the name of a current theater production or upcoming school event. The mural was created to be visually engaging for students attending classes down that hallway, and to draw attention to the vibrant music and theater programs at the high school with the marquee that can be read from a central hallway in the school. Contributing artists include Emery Cotten, Karina Larsen, Melissa Lovingood, Mary Kay Palazzo, and Caleb Sykora-Bodie. The marquee was constructed by BAHS teachers, Mr. Kyle Norman, Mr. Anthony Moore, and Mr. Matthew Holt.

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