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Previous Resident Artists

Resident artist working with ceramics.
Learn more about our former Resident Artists

Though they have moved on from our residency program, these wonderful artists have left a positive impact on our center and our program. We’re proud of how far our artists go in their careers!

Former Ceramic Resident Artists

Emily Downes (2021-2022)
Caleb Sykora-Bodie (2020-2022)

Byul Go (2012-2013)
Stephanie Wilhelm (2013-2014)
Chuck Purviance (2014-2015)
Ryan Rakhshan (2014-2015)
Liana Agnew (2015-2016)
Haley Swanson Guthrie (2016-2017)
Nick Abrami (2016-2017)

Samantha Oliver (2017)
Alyssa Ruberto (2017-2018)
Hannah Scrima (2017-2019)
Lillian Helling (2018-2019)
Emily Tarner (2018-2020)
Quinn Hulings (2019-2020)

Former Metal Resident Artists

Mary Kay Palazzo (2020-2022)
Osgood Bender(2021-2022)
Matthew Coté (2018-2019)
Holly Roddenbery (2018-2019)
Garett Allen (2017-2018)

Christian McAlee (2015-2016)
Corin Herzog (2015)
Lindsey Lewicki (2016)
Phil Ambrose (2016)

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